14 March 2009

3D Challenge #076 - Weight Machine

For the challenge of what's left of this week, you will be modeling a weight machine. There are many different types of weight machines. There is the universal machine, which combines many different exercises. There are also isolator machines,like the military press or seated back row. And there are machines that allow you to do exercises of your choice, like the Smith machine. The choice is up to you what to model!
Good luck and be creative!

3D Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 076

Due Date: Wed, March 18th (Challenge Closed)

Click here to see the currently submitted models for this challenge.

Weight Machine - TAN TUNNY

2nd Place
Curler Machine - Cloudedzero

3rd Place


  1. General Notes:
    There will no obligation for a blog entry anymore. It is still allowed to post a link to your model or additional images, but it is not required anymore to submit a model to the challenges. The 3D Warehouse tag is still required though and should be added when uploading a model to the Warehouse.

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    You'll notice a new link on the main page that directs you to the First Place Certificate area to which winners are able to print a certificate with a picture of their model detailing their excellence. You can access the page through the main page of the blog.

    Good Luck and have fun!!!

  2. nice :)

    this might give me the reason/motivation to pay for gym membership :P

    (btw- check the blog i've started. its a list of all physical activity i do to keep me motivated about keeping fit :D i don't have a weight machine though :(


    btw - do rowing machines/exercise bikes count?

  3. Hmm...I'm not sure.
    If I allow it, I will have to go back and change the challenge to "Exercise Machine"
    I don't want to limit people to their creativity, but I'm scared that we'll get like 50 treadmills! haha

  4. I thought I would upload some of my pre made machines they are not for the challenge but I think people can get a good idea of what you are talking about...

    Also concidering the voting system is going to be different for now on well I think I will enter under!


  5. i have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to do. but I'm not telling!

  6. check this model out. you have to download it to appreciate it.


  7. that guy has waaaaaaaaaaay to much time

  8. Great challenge, I have no ideas though .And how about a kitchen challenge ?

  9. Nice Machine! I don't think I've ever seen the curl machine like that that uses free weights.
    The one at my gym just has the selectable plates. Unfortunately, the machine does not have enough weight for me, so I just use the Ez-bar and stick some plates on it.

  10. @loganC

    I should have put the max weight for this unit it is only 150lb because of the belt

  11. Oh right, there would be restrictions on the belt. That's the max weight on the machine at my gym too. Though, the machines are off slightly. I can only max curl like 70lbs dumbbells, so that's 140. But the machine I can easily get 10 reps with the 150. I wonder if your freeweight machine would have more of a true weight?

  12. It is the same weights with the way this machine is set up.

    My max is 105lb at 12 reps and with the Ez-bar it is the same. This machine is great thought it keeps you from using your back to lift the weight.

  13. does this just have to be any normal wight machine? what i mean by that is it just some one who lifts any type of wight? it's a dumb question but i want to make a "super" weight system for a bilogicly advanced super human ( like spartans in halo ) and are we allowed to make the human for the machine?


  14. @vr.junior...dude that is the craziest model ever! That would have taken forever to make!

  15. mr.jumpman v.2, well it's supposed to be a machine that people would use for weight training. Either to get stronger, faster, or for stamina. You may model the person if you wish, but I don't think a spartan halo weight machine fits that well with the challenge. We may have a sci-fi challenge coming up soon, but I would encourage you to reach out of your comfort zone with this challenge!

  16. We really should have either a way to choose the next challenge or a way to have multiple challenges at a time that span interests. Or maybe even skill categories. Maybe something like that. I'm waiting out this challenge because I make really crappy blended curves. A weight machine has to many of them.

    Posted from Apple iPhone.

  17. First things first. Cloudedzero... Now that your models have been there for a while and people are starting to sumbit their work out machines that are actually for the competition i would reccomend removing your models that arn't for the competition.

    Next, in the comments of my model...
    -Thanks goes out to moboille for giving me 4 STARS
    -bc_dav scale doesn't matter so much becuase it can still look good and take up less file size. But just for you i changed that scale to be more realistic, PLEASE RE-RATE IT. Thank You!!!

  18. @vrjunoir...That sounds a little to complicated for just a few people to run, i guess they're just improving our skills.?!?.

  19. ******************************************************* VOTING MAY NOW START

  20. I attibute three points for "Curler machine" by Cloudedzero .The shapes are fine, there's some style.

    Two points for "Weight machine" by TAN TUNNY, I've hesitated between the first and the second place... great model !

    A point for "Weight machine 100KG" by熊出沒!注意! , it's not that great but better than the other posted here.

    TD2013 : Nice work but there's something I don't like about the shapes .

    Rubencraninx : I like the originality but it's too limit for the challenge, you should have added some other things.

    Bc_dav : Original but need a lot of improvements, first, you should enhance the weights .

    In view of there weren't many of them I've took the liberty of making a comment to all .

  21. I don’t know much about weight machines but here is my opinion about the models:

    Tan tunny: 3 points

    A complex model, well detailed, especially the articulated system
    This model needs some edges to be softened or hidden, and some intersections between cylinders. It needs as well adjust a little gap between simetric components.

    Cloudedzero: 2 points.

    Well detailed and modelling.
    It needs to show somehow the inner modelling of the cushionets. Black over white is hard to see.

    熊出沒!注意!: 1 point.
    Simple but fine modelling.
    Diameter of the dumbbells is very thin. It would be convinient to soften some edges and make some intersections. There are also some reverse faces

  22. 3pts = rubencranix - i guess i kind of like the originallity

    2pts = bc_dav - i like the future istic look

    1pts = weight machine 100kg - japanese guy - nice weight set up!

  23. THREE POINTS: Curler machine by cloudedzero
    COMMENTS: all around best, good modeling, OK Idea...

    TWO POINTS:Weight machineby TAN TUNNY
    good modeling, though I do not know what it does..

    ONE POINT: Strength System
    by bc_dav
    best of the worst, I like the curvy thing

  24. 3 Points:
    Weight machine by tan tunny

    2 Points:
    Curler machine by cloudedzero

    1 point:
    TD Flex Work-Out Machine by TD2013

  25. Ok my votes go as so

    Weight machine By: Tan Tunny

    It looks like a incline chest exercize? Good texturing and all around clean design

    3 points

    Weight machine 100K By:熊出沒!注意!

    Decent at least it looks like an exersize machine

    2 points

    TD Flex Work-Out Machine By: TD2013

    Eh it is the only one that doesnt make me cry out of the bottom three and it also looks like a bow flex!

    1 point

  26. 3 pts for Curler machine
    by cloudedzero

    2 pts for Weight machine 100KG
    by 熊出沒!注意!

    1 pts for Sketchup Challenge Weight Machine
    by rubencraninx

  27. 3pts for TD2013

    2pts for rubencranix

    1pts for Tan Tunny

  28. my votes;

    3 points,
    weight machine by tan tummy.
    this model had the best overall execution and level of detail.
    2 points,
    curler machine by cloudzero,
    also very detailed, some lines could have been blended better.
    1 point,
    Weight machine 100KG by 熊出沒!注意!,k
    good shapes, needs textures.

  29. 3...I will give these for TD2013 becuase of the nice bowflex look
    2...I will give these to Tan Tunny becuase that one just rocks with cool looks
    1...These are for rubencranix or whatever for such an incredible look.

  30. 3 points...TD2013. It kidnof looks like a bowflex

    2 points...Tan Tunny. VERY COOL!

    1 point...Rubencranix. Nice old look!

  31. ******************************************************* VOTING IS NOW CLOSED

  32. Again, these are the totals I have.

    Curler machine - Cloudedzero = 15

    Weight machine - TAN TUNNY = 21

    Weight machine 100KG - 熊出沒!注意! = 8

    Sketchup Challenge Weight Machine - rubencranix = 8

    Strength System - bc_dav = 3

    TD Flex Work-Out Machine - TD2013 = 11