18 March 2009

3D Challenge #077 - Camera

This challenge is all about Cameras! Any type of camera will do, whether it is digital, Film, or perhaps a polaroid camera. It's up to you to decide what kind and how detailed you plan to make your model. Just be sure to get you model submitted by next Wednesday, the 25th!
Good luck, and as always, Have Fun!!!

3D Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 077

Due Date: Wed, March 25th (Challenge Closed)

Click here to see the currently submitted models for this challenge.

Kodak C330 Camera - Crazy Eyes
My camera in the 70's - a.j.unknow

2nd Place
Snorkelers' Camera - francis_nyc

3rd Place
Polaroid 95a - cloudedzero


  1. General Notes:
    There will no obligation for a blog entry anymore. It is still allowed to post a link to your model or additional images, but it is not required anymore to submit a model to the challenges. The 3D Warehouse tag is still required though and should be added when uploading a model to the Warehouse.

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    Please refrain from using background images in your models as it is the model itself that is being judged.

    You'll notice a new link on the main page that directs you to the First Place Certificate area to which winners are able to print a certificate with a picture of their model detailing their excellence. You can access the page through the main page of the blog.

    Good Luck and have fun!!!

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  3. Great and thanks for posting it so early, I gonna see what I could model !

    I hate BBCode and I've just used it to quote myself...

  4. I just finished my model. I decided to do an Old Fashioned Model because it looks funky and cool lolz. Anyways this is my first entry and my first challenge i am doing. Wish me luck. =]

    Old Fashioned Camera

  5. I still haven't found any ideas.

    Though, you can see my speampunk camera that I've done for the speampunk challenge :)

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  7. Ok, it's been a while ago! Fun challenge this week, i just couldn't resist!

    Slide o' Camera

  8. Just a little sample of my model entry

  9. This is my model for 3d challenge 077
    My camera in the 70's
    Here you can see some renders and pictures taken with this camera.

  10. Hey guys!It's been some time since my last model entered right? Well that's because my computer crashed, so now I'm back!Is a camera phone counted as a camera?

  11. I just uploaded my camera, I decided to do something a little different than a just an everyday camera and made a helmet cam.

    there are renders/pictures Here

    and the actual model is Here

    @ Benjamin,
    I would count it as a camera but you should wait to see if LoganC is okay with it before you start modeling

  12. Benjamin, as much as I like to hear you thinking outside the box, I don't think that a Camera Phone is the best idea for this challenge. We have already had a challenge based around cell phones, so I would try to stick strictly to camera's for this challenge.

  13. Hi all. Long time no see.
    All is well I hope.
    I've managed to pull myself away from work and made a camera.
    Hope you like it.
    The reason for the high file size is that I have made it for rendering.
    I will fing somewhere to put my renders and let you all know.

  14. Hi all. Long time no see.
    All is well I hope.
    I've managed to pull myself away from work and made a camera.
    Hope you like it.
    The reason for the high file size is that I have made it for rendering.
    I will fing somewhere to put my renders and let you all know.

  15. Ok, sorry about the double up.
    Here is the link to the renders of the camera.
    Picasa Renders
    I have done renders throughout the modelling, so you can see how I've progressed.

  16. I've finished to create my model and made all the renders !It's a very original and odd camera.
    You can see 22 photos here .
    And my model below :)

    Pick your camera

  17. Speaking of Camera Phones though, just finished my first model in years! I'm a bit rusty still. Never even used one compenent!

    Anyway, Camera models are looking great! Any suggestions for next week challenge?

  18. @ LoganC
    ideas for next challenge:
    space station, motorbike (any kind trike, chopper, whatever), snowmobile, quad, bike, submarine or a computer.

    anyways just some ideas, hope it helps.

  19. @ LoganC, I gonna submit my ideas for next challenge too :

    a Kitchen - a Chair or an armchair (could be a large theme with a lot of marvelous possibilities)- Victorian style house - An university - A whole town (require 2 weeks a least I think) - A hospital - Table lamps (I've thought the floor lamp challenge really great)...

    That's all, for sure, I'm quite less wordy about motor stuffs...

  20. can i suggest an ammendment to mmobiles suggestion?... kitchen themed. this way if you want to model something in great detail rather than doing a whole room it gives you more flexibility. we did this a while ago but i seem to remember it being really good.

  21. @moboille...There already was a table or lamp competition.

  22. Since we can only have one entry in the competition, how about on tuesday or wednesday we take off one of our models tags so when you search 3d challenge 077 it only comes up with the ones entered in the competition.

  23. @ TD2013
    last i heard you can have as many models as you like each week.

    i haven't really had time to make an entry this week because of coursework and stuff. but there's been some really good entries this week!

  24. nice try td 2013. that camera is in the default components that come with sketchup. this is in direct violation of the contest rules. i hope you haven't cheated like this in the past.

  25. jw2014's model is also not his. all of it is some mix of default components. this contest is corrupt.

  26. a kitchen themed contest would be great, though I will not have time to participate until after the 6th of April.

  27. hear is a link to the model he copied:

  28. Can the next challenge be a mecha or freestyle challenge I want to make another gundam =]

    I am skipping this one cameras aren't my thing.

  29. Don't Worry I havn't cheated in the past. You can even check my models. I was just testing the trick but it failed. I have withdrawn the Movie & Stage Camera! But i still have my world's first camera's in this competition.

  30. Well, this is my first try at the challenge: My Canon

    If someone can tell me or send me to a tutorial that tells how to animate the lens coming out and a picture being taken, I'd love to know. I saw someone do that sort of thing with their RV awhile back, so I tried to find a tutorial on it to no avail.

  31. this
    does it well, simply. if you do not pay attention to the tabs but go into layers you should see how it works, you'll have to download the file to do that I think.
    for a more complicated example try this one
    which is one I made, the scenes show all the doors and the portcullis opening and closing, its a gate to a city but again if you go into the layers you should be able to see how it works by turning one layer on and another off.
    I hope I was of help.

  32. there are a lot of GREAT models in this challenge!

  33. You have to put 3d challenge 077 as one of the tags for it to show up.

  34. Just uploaded my model (X-Design Camera). It's a bit different than most other models in this challenge. It's mostly about the design of the camera. I hope you guys will check it out, even though it's a last minute entry. Excellent models out there by the way!

  35. Heres that crazy renderer again... g thanks to the Bush/Cheney dictatorship Eye had a little time on my hands to enter Three different cameras: a 50's Television, Pinhole and now my final the Snorkelers camera. This one is quite unique. Chk it out. thnkx. GoodLuck to all who entered the 3d challenge. Gonna be a tuff one 2 call.

  36. ******************************************************* VOTING MAY NOW START

  37. 3 poitns for JW2014: That is not a SU Component, find it for me and prove it.

    2 Points For Francis_nyc - snorklers camera: Genius!

    1 Point for clouded zero - old polaroid camera: This is very good!

    Ok this comment goes to designs by Alex - Canon camera thing. The one that people might vote for, i just have to say that it is just a basic shape with a bunch of pictures! That's not that hard to do!

  38. Snuff said Thanks a.j.unknown

    My votes

    3 Points

    A.j.unknown: My camera in the 70's

    Great overall detail and completion.

    2 points

    randomodifaction: helmet camera

    Cool concept and overall design.

    1 point

    Crazy Eyes: Kodak C330 Camera

    Very good detail and renders.

    @all very good efforts...

  39. 3 points for a.j.unknow - My camera in the 70's:
    Check out the renders and you'll see why.

    2 Points for Crazy Eyes - Kodak C330 Camera:
    Because I made it, I know what went into it, and I also know I could have done better.

    1 Point for cloudedzero - Polaroid 95a:
    You have done a beautiful job, it was a toss-up over this model and the Old Slider_Camera
    by DesignsbyALX

    Please feel free to have a look at the renders, they may help in your decision.


  40. In case you can't read the full address for the renders or you would like the easy option: Click here for the renders

  41. 3 points; Snorkelers' camera! Pretty original!
    2 points; Kodak C330, Crazy Eyes, just as good as my own model ;)
    1 point ; Polaroid 95a, Clouded zero, almost my own idea, but "your" design is much better looking!

    And from TD2013, i noticed;
    "Ok this comment goes to designs by Alex - Canon camera thing. The one that people might vote for, i just have to say that it is just a basic shape with a bunch of pictures! That's not that hard to do!"

    Canon Model Verts

    TD2013, than you build one like this! And make sure you use all of your tools, you might end up with something more than a simple box, and call it the "first camera ever"! Remember, this is a fun challenge ;) I know how to build my models, thank u very much! But i'm still honoured by the fact that you try to warn people for not voting for mine! Feel the heat?

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  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. I give my number one vote to DesignsbyALX's Cannon350.

    Number Two goes to OLDFELLOW's Canon digital camera.

    Number three goes to a.j.unknown for his camera.

    I liked them all!

  45. @designs by alx...there i made one with the same photos as the ones you used. I started to make this like a few days ago for this purpose and for proof i am the only contributor. Plus with my TWO cameras they are what they are scaled and everything. They are supposed to be 2 boxes,look it up! You try to make them!!!

  46. To TD2013; Well, let's leave it at that... Just let people judge for themselves, they probabely don't need your advise! See your model next challenge, and ehh... make it a nice one!

  47. 3 points go to "Crazy Eyes" for his "Kodak C330". Excellent detailing and some nearly photorealistic renders. Great job!

    2 points go to "randomofodication" for his "Helmet Camera". Very original and a really solid model.

    1 point goes to "a.j.unknown" for "My camera in the 70's". May not be a very original idea, but the execution is fantastic.

  48. TD2013 said...
    @designs by alx...there i made one with the same photos as the ones you used. I started to make this like a few days ago for this purpose and for proof i am the only contributor.

    ALX says; than why has the actual model-name in your download the same as mine?! Grow up, and remove your stolen copy!

  49. Lets just stop this fight, i don't want to become an enemy of everyone else becuase then no one will vote for me and i wont critisize ( unless needed ). THANKS!

  50. ;) That works for me! Look how much time WE wasted on this... Did you see my new entry for challenge 078? J.Rosie my kitchenhelp

    OhmyG, i'm having so much fun! ;)

  51. my votes:

    3 points:
    Polaroid 95a by cloudedzero
    very original and well modeled

    2 points:
    Digital Camera Setup for Wheelchair Users by JediCharles
    also original and well done

    1 point:
    Snorkelers' Camera by francis_nyc
    very original. on tuesday i actually saw one in west ed mall. could use some smoothing though.

  52. My Votes:
    3pts to Canon350D EOS basic byALX

    2pts to Polaroid 95a by cloudedzero

    1pt to Digital Camera Setup for Wheelchair Users by JediCharles

  53. 3 points for francis_nyc: Snorkelers' Camera.
    it's great and cool

    2 points for randomofodication : helmet camera

    1 point for francis_nyc : 50's Television Camera.

  54. My votes for challenge 077:
    3 points to "Kodak C330 Camera" by Crazy Eyes. Very well modeled and good details.
    2 points to "polaroid 95a" by Cloudedzero. Turn out shadows and textures and you will see why.
    1 point to "Old slider camera" by DesingsbyAlx. Well modeled, I specially like the bellows.

  55. 3 points to My Camera in the 70's
    by a.j.unknow

    2 points to Snorkeler's Camera
    by francis_nyc
    -very original but with lots of sharp corners-

    1 point to Kodak C330 Camera
    by Crazy Eyes
    -smooth but with some excessive geometry -

  56. I bet i am probably going to get no votes!!! Becuase this was a hard week becuase there were so many good models!

  57. Here are my votes
    3 points for "My Camera in the 70's" by a.j.unknow
    Really perfect and make people feel confortable.

    2 points for "Kodak C330 Camera"
    by Crazy Eyes
    I am very amazing about the surface of the camera, and of course the details

    1 point for Old Slider_Camera
    by DesignsbyALX

  58. Three points for "Kodak C330 Camera" by Crazy Eyes, it was just my favourite, I love the renders he added .

    Two points for "My camera in the 70's" By A.j.unknow, of course it deserves first or second place, the modelling is really professional but I don't like the colors you've used.

    A point for "Snorkelers' Camera" by francis_nyc, I've almost forgot it, it's a great model but there were a lot of awesome models here :)

  59. @Moboille
    Thanks for the two points.
    About the colors: If you are speaking about the numbers (yellow and blue) here you can see a comparation between the real camera an the sketchup model

    Your "Vintage Kitchen" is excelent and very very nice.

  60. First Place:
    3 points to: a.j.unknow
    for "My camera in the 70's"
    A perfect model with proper geometries and attention to every detail.

    Second Place:
    2 points to: Crazy Eyes
    for "Kodak C330 Camera"
    An awesome representation of a modern 'snap-shot' camera, and oh so shiny.

    Third Place:
    1 point to: DesignsbyALX
    for "Old Slider_Camera"
    Best 'retro' camera with excellent work on the accordian folds on the bellows.

  61. Tnx Tink!
    That's the part i gave some extra attention ;)

  62. ******************************************************* VOTING IS NOW CLOSED