25 March 2012

SketchUp 3D Challenge #140 - Musical Instruments

Sunday, 25 March 2012 - Thursday, 5 April 2012

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It's impossible to know when the first musical instruments were made but since their invent they have had an undeniable impact on all of society. Musical instruments of all types, shapes and sizes can be played with variable degrees of difficulty and even if we don't play them we all know when we've heard a sour note. But not to fear, your job is to model one, not play one.

For this challenge you can model any know type of instrument you choose down to every subtle detail and nuance. Be creative and set the scene to really show off your skills. Thanks to mikZ for the great suggestion.

3D Challenge Tag: 3D Challenge 140

The winner of previous 3D Challenge #139 - Seaplanes is...
a.j.unknow with his Sikorsky S-38! (Are you kidding me? Three wins in a row?) Great attention to detail and excellent job at capturing the likeness of this unique antique aircraft. Win #19!


  1. Hi Charles, how many hours remain for this challenge?

  2. -----
    Challenge #140 - Musical Instruments is now closed. Thanks for the great entries!
    Let's start the voting!

    You may make 3 votes.
    - your First choice is worth 3 points,
    - your Second worth 2 points,
    - your Third worth 1 point,
    You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

    Please also take a moment to suggest a future topic for the challenge.

    Good luck!


  3. 1st Bandoneón by HenkieTenk
    2nd Flute by Crazy Eyes
    3rd Trumpet by a.j.unknow

  4. 1st Bandoneón by HenkieTenk
    2nd Flute by Crazy Eyes
    3rd 15th century organ by MedievalEurope

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  7. Let me vote.

    3 Points for Bandoneón by HenkieTenk. Very good group and component managed. Very nice style too.

    2 Points for Flute by Crazy Eyes. This model is highly realistic. A lot of parts and all of them put in their right position. I 'm sure you must have it in your hand while making. This model uploaded few hours before challenge close. Maybe you still have something to do with it more if you have more time. Only one problem (my opinion only) is it have too much polygon. But this is up to each modeler choice how to make it.

    1 point for Trumpet by a.j.unknow. Always have amazing works.
    I like texture and lighting direction in this model.

    No more points left but this is more models I like : 15th century organ and Pioneer DJ set.

  8. 3 Points for Bandoneón by HenkieTenk. Like CK said!

    2 Points for Spanish guitar by a.j.unknow. Very nicely and simply modelled

    1 Point for 15th century organ by MedievalEurope. Very nicely modelled, though use of components would have had a better result.

    @CK: Thanks for the crits. I intentionally made high polly as Im doing more rendering these days and wanted some closeups. I specifically chose the line numbers as I was modelling it. I didn't quite finish it as my time had run out though, as it had been a very busy couple weeks. Yes, I did have it in hand when I modelled it.

    Looking forward to the next challenge!

  9. 3 for: Flute by Crazy Eyes
    Very good model! It comes in handy when you've got the subject in front of your eyes and in your hands :D Would like to see some renders of this model!

    2 for: Trumpet by aj.unknow
    Jealous how you use the textures! How did you get these? Good work!

    1 for: Spanish guitar by aj.unknow
    Also nice, with real-texture and als with the SU colours.

  10. 3 points for Bandoneon by HenkieTenk, very precise and nice texturing

    2 points for Crasy Eyes flute, very impressive work and a pity you didn't have time for texturing

    1 point for the trumpet by a.j.unknow I love the texture

    Congratulations for all of the modelers who built great models. An interesting challenge !

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    Voting is now closed. Thanks for your votes!