06 April 2014

Challenge #206 - Wind Turbines Deadline EXTENDED

Thursday, 27 March '14 - Monday, 14 April '14

This challenge has been extended through Monday, 14 April '14 due to lack of entries. 


  1. Hello Charles,
    I'm talking just on my behalf of: It is sad and very dramatic how Trimble withdraw the ratings and comments from the 3D warehouse. This options was a true reward for a fun made, worldwide shared free models, in the eyes of any SketcUp users. Without fee I lost my fire to upload anything furthermore (or at least for very long time). This is my protest, hoping they gave back the features I miss. If I enter a challenge in the next, probably I just upload to any other free accessible file deposit storage and post here only a download link. But this sounds stupidly like removing ratings and comments from warehouse...
    ...however the Show mast go on! There are always new Challengers : )

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