26 April 2010

Sketchup Challenge #098 winner

The winner of Challenge #098: Wonders of the World

Just finishing some unfinished stuff around here, I found out, we hadn't selected a winner for Challenge #098 yet. The subject was Wonders of the World, and we got a staggering 5 submissions. Maybe the small amount of models submitted was caused by the blog being offline for some time. But now we're back in the game, and already started new Sketchup Challenge #099: Small is Beautiful. If you would like to submit your own model to this new challenge, hurry up! The deadline is 11:59PM tomorrow, the 27th!
So, after counting all of the votes, we came to the conclusion that with 8 points Alpha94 won the challenge with his model 'Temple of Artemis at Ephesus'.
Second place went to
MyTH, with his model 'The Lighthouse at Alexandria'
Third place went to
SeyvaqS, with his own version of 'The Lighthouse At Alexandria'

So now, I would like to file this challenge in the long history of Sketchup 3D Challenges, and - of course - congratulate the happy winner Alpha94!
Thank you Alpha94 for your excellent model (the certificate will be published soon):

And if you're reading this, you might as well vote for challenge 097, because we're kinda short on votes here!

Please vote for your model in challenge 097!!!

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