22 April 2010

Sketchup Challenge #096 winner

The winner of Challenge #096: Bicycle

Thanks to everyone participating in the 3D Challenge 096, and to everyone voting for the submitted models, we are now finally able to decide who won the competition. Leading with eleven points, the winner is: modeler CK with 'Boy's bike'!

With 9 points, second place goes to Henkietenk with Penny Farthing
with 5 points, third place goes to Cathy Thrischler with Bureau vélo.

Thank you CK for your excellent model of a boy's bike; the certificate will be published soon.

And if you're reading this, you migth as well vote for challenges 097 and 098, because we're kinda short on votes here!

Please vote for your model in challenges 097 and 098!!!

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