17 April 2010

Challenge #099 the subject

On the previous blogpost we've gotten a lot of ideas and suggestions for future Challenge subjects. We want to thank everyone for adding their ideas to the list. The subjects you've sent to us were:
- Fountains,
- Planets,
- Mario,
- Dragen Ball Z
- Train stations
- Open challenge (every submission will feature its own subject)
- Sketchup jokes
- (Very) small buildings
- Anything with Mothers day
- Gardens
- Gifts
- Flowers
- Spa gettaway

The idea of Mothers day by dracoscove was awesome, and we thought that was a great subject for the month of May, so that will be the subject of Challenge #100 (a very special challenge!).
But what will be the subject of Challenge #099? With the changing from 99 to 100, we're trade the small numbers for the larger numbers, so we thought that 'Small Buildings' would make a great Challenge #099. Thank you bdhy!

And by the way, if you read this, you might as well cast your vote for previous challenges #098 and #097!

Thank you all!

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