13 April 2010

Upcoming challenge #099

Hello everyone following the Sketchup 3D challenges!
After a couple of weeks of maintenance on the blog here, we think we are in need a Challenge #099. There has silence around here for some time now, and people started to wonder if 3D challenge blog is still running. Well, I can tell you, we're back in the game and starting a new challenge #099 in a couple of days. But we haven't figured out a particular subject, so we could use some suggestions.
Have you thought of a subject?
Put your ideas on the commentpage of this blogpost.
In a few days we'll choose a subject submitted by readers.
A few ideas:
- Barns
- Trainstations
- Planets
So get thinking and comment!


  1. Hello
    the 098 was too difficult, the major sights are already in Google Earth!
    Should be models in Ge, but original ... as fountains?
    Bernard :o)

  2. I like the idea of planets cause i'm thinking of small planets ala Mario Galaxy or Dragon Ball Z

    The train station's a pretty good idea too ..

  3. well, so far we've got:
    - Fountains,
    - Planets,
    - Mario,
    - Dragen Ball Z
    - Train stations

    keep the brain going please!

  4. I wish next challenge will be something everyone able to enjoy it, not much so serious.

    Small planet by Mario Galaxy look grate fun, I like this game but not everyone know what is it.

  5. Adding to the list:
    - Open challenge (every submission will feature its own subject)
    - Sketchup jokes

  6. Small is Beautiful?!?
    Bernard =o)

  7. Adding to the list:
    - (Very) small buildings

  8. may is mothers days month so how about something for moms?

    gardens , rose,rock,wildflower with one main feature being a water fountian like was stated above ;)can even add birds ,birdhouses,furry lil creatures etc,,

    anythings possible with gardens !

    or gifts like chocolates,flower,jewls,etc

    or the perfect spa gettaway ! build a spa house/room with enough features to spoil anyone whom enters it.

    not sure if any of ya will like it but its a throw out there for ya , like i said was just cuz mothers day is comming up so just came to mind :)

    glad to see things are moving here again , lets hope it stays that way :)

  9. Adding to the list:
    - Anything with Mothers day
    - Gardens
    - Gifts
    - Flowers
    - Spa gettaway